Business Intelligence

When it comes to understanding global labor markets, not just the existence of talent - there are a lot of questions that employers need answering.


What should our employee offering look like? Why should candidates want to work here? How are we perceived externally? What do our competitors offer that we don’t? Where is the talent hiding and how can we reach them? Our Bioprogress team gets under the skin of your business so you get a better understanding of what you need to do to stand out and appeal to both current and future talent – no matter if in the US, Europe, India or China.


Our comprehensive suite of services provides a unique insight into your brand, industry and talent market.

Market Intelligence

Getting a clear view of your competitors – their industry landscape and their best practices

Competitor Analysis

Discovering where you fit beyond the biotech industry 

Employer Brand Research

Revealing key perceptions and insight around your brand – idea or service in different