Digital Assessment

People, before technology

As a global firm with an exclusive focus on People, Bioprogress has an eye for people digital transformation, helping clients engaged in embracing the opportunities arising from digital technologies to secure and develop capabilities, processes and programs enabling digital strategy.


We flank clients on a global basis and provide and orchestrate all the enabling capabilities of digital transformation, to exploit digitalization in HR processes and to strengthen and fasten digital transformation programs through open innovation applied to people.

We use BOT Technology to approach candidates – One way video interviews and we evaluate all our candidates through our proprietary assessment tool.

People Digital Assessment
  • SaaS mode, with visualization interface

  • Control Room in HR, personal visualization and progress monitoring tool for employees

  • No deep analytics/Big Data capabilities required

  • Access and update 24h/365

  • Near Real Time/Batch Data, with custom filters (e.g. time intervals, functions, profile of employees, …)

  • Several analyses enabled (e.g. gap analysis, span/depth of skills, impact of training actions, custom training planning..)