Do you have the right talent in the right place to achieving your goals? COVID has caused many companies to rethink their business strategy and how their business is organised. Some staff will have performed well, others may have disappointed. Many companies are talking about making more use of technology

Some of these changes may be things you have been discussing for the last two years but not implemented! Some will involve moving in a new direction with new people with new skills. However, without clarity of direction people will not know how the organization will achieve the vision and what their role is.

A football team may have the strategy and leadership, but if they do not have the right players they will not top their league, or, may even get relegated. Similarly if you have a talented team but the game plan is not clear you will lose matches.  Making course corrections becomes intuitive when all players know the game plan and your team members are not moving in different directions. They are making the right decisions, supporting each other and achieving goals.

Your business needs to be able to adapt quickly and smoothly and continue to perform while your competitors are struggling to stay on course

Your business strategy will need the talent requirements built into it rather than bolted on after the fact.

  • What are the talent inhibitors preventing you from achieving the strategic goals?
  • What are you doing to remove these?
  • Are talent requirements aligned to achieving business goals?
  • What roles have you identified as essential for you to enable your new strategy to be  implemented?

Do you systematically review your talent and how they are performing just like you would review new product development, production efficiency and monthly sales?

Too often succession planning and talent management has become an online exercise which when completed with all the boxes ticked it ascends to the Cloud not to be seen again!

Let’s simplify this and bring it back to earth.

Do a quick analysis of your staff under the following headings. No fancy forms with lots of boxes! List out those staff who are

  • Mission Critical
  • Core
  • Nice to Have

Mission Critical – Ensure you have the right people in these roles and a succession plan to reflect the future and not just today’s needs.

Core – Not necessary superstars, but essential to keep business running.

Nice to Have – What is the plan to reduce some of these roles and develop alternative ways of managing their work. If a person is doing the same job in the same way as a year ago then it is likely that the work can be done by a machine/robot or digitised!

The focus for achieving your goals is “People, Products, Profits”. Are all of these on your monthly board meeting agenda? Is one of them missing?

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