Executive Search

Why Work with Executive Search ?

Business is expanding faster than the supply of talent. Competitive position and performance can be enhanced by the recruitment of uniquely talented executives, carefully matched to changing organizational requirements. Increasingly, middle and senior recruitment is outsourced to executive search consultants because Life Sciences is such a specialist market and time intensive process.


BioProgress with its global and specialist life science experience is uniquely qualified to identify and assess in depth executive talent for our clients and harness the expertise of our network to meet the increasingly complex needs of our clients.


The expertise of our consultants together with our considerable database and state of the art, means that we are able to identify the best people quickly and cost effectively. Few companies have the resources and expertise to do this in house. BioProgress has the experience to act in partnership to build successful organizations by developing and implementing recruitment solutions regionally and globally.

How does it work ? 

We employ our own inhouse team of multilingual researchers to find the talent you require. 


All of our senior consultants conduct their interviews, making sure we match the goals as set with the client and we get to know their personality.


We consider all of our candidates equally important and evaluate our candidate’s full range of capabilities, personal characteristics, and insights into their expected performance in the targeted leadership role.


Many times we invite our candidates to envision themselves in the new role, asking them to share how they see the fit on a personal, professional, and cultural level.

We make sure all have a great “Search Experience”.

Completing the recruitment process

Once you have selected the most suitable candidate for the role, we will carefully manage their exit from their current company. At the same time we maintain contact with other shortlisted candidates, managing their expectations and above all to keep them connected as potential employees for the future.

We start supporting the newly recruited executive well before starting their new role. Working in close collaboration with you, your team, we craft a plan – so they hit the ground running.

  • Load’s of challenges in the first day(s) and weeks and we like to review together your onboarding policy, as once started they must quickly understand the organization’s culture, set the right priorities, and establish credibility with colleagues and stakeholders.

  • In the first 100 days we ideally meet one-on-one with the executive at regular intervals to allow them to identify challenges and reflect on their progress, identify alignment and where needed, calibrate the approach as needed.