• Frederic Higgins

The future of healthcare – Inside the BioFuture Conference 2021

New York – At the start of October, Frederic from Bioprogress attended the inaugural in-person BioFuture conference in New York.

This conference featured timely, highly relevant, inclusive, and diverse sessions focused on digital therapeutics, robotics, psychedelics, digital health VC trends, next-generation oncology therapies, decentralized clinical trials, and manufacturing solutions to address COVID-19.

The conference attracted more than 550 attendees, including 100 speakers sharing their expertise, insight, and predictions, and over 60 innovative companies. The key takeaway from this conference is that the coming decade will dramatically accelerate the transformation of the healthcare ecosystem.

One of the headline themes throughout the conference was that the healthcare industry is continuing to explore and push boundaries of what can be achieved to cure patients through innovative means. For example, there was a session on psychedelic therapy to help treat mental health disorders chaired by Walter Greenleaf, Distinguished Visitor Scholar at Stanford University´s MediaX program. Another session explored using AI-driven robotics and devices for neuro innovation chaired by Samatha Surrey, Surrey Capital Hinuja Grup.

Another very noticeable theme throughout the conference is biotech is back. After 18 months of stalled progress due to the pandemic, many industries within healthcare are bouncing back and funding for disruptive, game-changing new developments with a vengeance; the healthcare industry is booming once again.

Lastly, one of the most important takeaways from the conference is that the in-person format played such a vital role in driving forward new ideas and innovation, and the power of networking sessions helped to create new, long-lasting partnerships.

Frederic joined the event to represent Bioprogress, a Kilpatrick company specializing in biotech, pharmaceutical, and agricultural sectors, and to showcase BioProgress´s unique offerings and expertise in this very competitive market. Here at BioProgress, we look forward to forming successful and long-lasting partnerships whilst offering first-class Executive Search services and human resource solutions to our future partners.

To understand how BioProgress can help you attract the right talent in the US biotech market and in 18 countries worldwide, book a virtual coffee with Frederic today!

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