Biotechnology is already revolutionizing healthcare. Soon, it might also take over our daily lives, but are we ready for it?

Developments in synthetic biotechnology are moving at lightning speed. We see large tech companies making huge investments in biotech, but how do we attract and retain people we need ?


Successful Leaders

The world is rapidly changing, the markets today are characterized by much larger, more complex projects than ever before. Many companies compete for the same people in the same market. There is more global competition and more interest and many are increasing their involvement in these projects and ready to take on more risk.
The profile of successful leaders is undergoing a fundamental shift too. Not only are we facing a global lack of talent in strategic roles – no matter if they need to manage a research center or face the challenge of launching new technology. Some managers need to be able to embrace a commercial, strategic, technology and media skill-set – capable of managing the interests of stakeholders: private and public.
Bioprogress works with international clients across the biotech industry to help them build and develop high-performing teams and boards of directors especially in pre and post IPO environments.

Our Expertise

Biotech, Agritech and Medicine Devices

Medicine (vaccine development, chemotherapy drugs, stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and pharmacogenomics)
Agriculture (genetically modified organisms and cloning, seed treatments)
Food Technology (Ingredient Systems, Flavors, Nutraceuticals)
Medical Devices (New advanced devices to carry out new research projects)
In our talent mapping service - you engage us to locate and approach the most talented candidates and build a true pool of prospect candidates. Based on your feedback, we may than jointly decide to continue with a regular recruiting project or nominate a dedicated recruiter ( onsite or off site ) to support you to onboard them.
We can explore the biotech industry trends; share best practices from your industry and leadership developments.
Chief Commercial Officer – global
Chief Scientific Officer
Head of Cell Line Development
VP of QA
Project Managers
General Manager
Head of Oncology
Chief Medical Officer
Marketing and Sales B2B
Commercial Effectiveness Leader
Business United Head – Ingredient Systems
VP Flavor